Antique Stains & Washes

Each item is finished and antiqued by hand in these designer colors. Al's Garden Art products are made of natural materials and color appearance may vary by degree of texture, size, shape of area and lighting. The finishing process follows a basic antiquing principal. An antique is applied over a base color or natural concrete and hand rubbed. This creates a highlight that compliments the significant detail in the design. Consideration should be given to the texture of any given item. An item with a rough surface will hold more antique and may result in the overall color to appear lighter or darker depending on the color of the antique. A smooth surface, on the other hand, will hold much less antique. Each work of art is unique and will vary in color. Because of this Al's Garden Art can not accept any returns of products not actually matching the colored sample disc or items on display. Individual samples can be ordered at a cost of $4.00 plus shipping and handling. Inquire with your local authorized Al's Garden Art dealer for details.